AGGRESSIVENESS The dynamics of a player in the batter’s box, on the pitcher’s mound, on defense and on the base paths.

APPROACH – The presence of a batter when at the plate. Three parts: stance, load and stride.

ARM – The combination of arm strength and arm accuracy.

ARM ACTION – The movement of a pitcher’s throwing arm.

ARM STRENGTH – The velocity and carry of a throw by a fielder.

ARM ACCURACY – The precision of a throw by a fielder.

BALANCE – The stability of a batter throughout both the approach and swing.

BASE RUNNING – The behavior of a player when on the bases.

BAT CONTROL – The ability of a batter to put the ball in play and control the ball’s trajectory off of the bat. A strong indicator of on-base ability and walk-to-strikeout rates.

BODY CONTROL– The sum of a player’s agility, quickness and coordination.

BREAKING BALL (BB) – Some variation of a curve ball, slider or mixture of the two.

CONTROL – The ability to throw strikes.

COMMAND – The ability to hit specific spots within the strike zone.

DELIVERY – The combination of both arm and other physical body action.

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival.

EXTENSION – Where the pitcher looses contact with the ball relative to the pitching rubber.

FIELD – The overall feel a player displays behind home plate, on the infield and/or in the outfield.

HANDS – Describes how a player actually handles the ball on the field during game action.

HIP/SHOULDER SEPARATION – A process used by both hitters and pitchers to maximize the force produced by their core muscles. A player’s core muscles can load for a longer time, and thus generate more power, when the front hip opens separately from the front shoulder. Ex) Hitter: Manny Ramirez / Pitcher: Tim Lincecum

HIT – A player’s ability to hit singles, doubles and triples. Presents a high relation to batting average.

INSTINCTS – A player’s knowledge of the subtle variables at play during game action.

JUMPS – An outfielder’s ability to read the ball off of the bat.

LOAD – The combined actions of a batter’s upper and lower body right before the swing.

MECHANICS – Physical body actions.

OFF-SPEED (OS) – Typically a change up, split finger fastball or a knuckle ball.

PIVOT FOOT – The foot that needs to keep in touch with the pitching rubber until the pitcher releases the ball.

PLANE – The angle of the bat through the strike zone.

PLATE FEEL – A measurement of how a batter interacts with the unlimited amount of variables at play in each at bat. A strong indicator of on-base ability.

POISE – The demeanor of a pitcher when on the mound. Demonstrates a very high correlation with a pitcher’s ability to control the ball.

POWER – The authority with which a player hits the ball.

RANGE – The distance a fielder can cover.

REPERTOIRE – The arsenal of a pitcher.

RHYTHM – The flow of a batter throughout both the approach and swing.

RPM – Rotations Per Minute.

ROUTES – The accuracy of an outfielder’s movement.

RUN SPEED – The speed of a player when at maximum effort.

SET POSITION – Indicated when the pitcher faces the batter with his pivot foot in touch of the rubber and the free foot in front of the pivot foot. To officially indicate the set position, the pitcher must hold the ball in front of the body, with both hands, and come to a complete stop.

SLIDE-STEP – The short, or almost non-existent leg kick that a pitcher may implement with a runner on base. Mostly used with a runner on first base.

SPEED – The speed of the bat through the strike zone.

SPIN RATE – How fast the ball spin as the pitcher looses contact with the ball.

STANCE – The feet and hand placement of a batter when at the plate.

STRENGTH – The power of the bat through the strike zone.

STRETCH – The initial motions of a pitcher before the set position is indicated. The pivot foot of the pitcher must touch the rubber, and one hand must be at the side.

STRIDE – The movement of a batter’s front foot.

TILT – The way the ball spins once it is released by the pitcher.

TIMING – The balance and rhythm of a batter when in the batters box.

WINDUP POSITION – Indicated when the pitcher stands and faces the batter with his pivot foot in contact with the pitching rubber and the other foot free.