Scouting Report: Chris Okey (Clemson)

Physical Description 

Position Catcher
Bats/Throws R/R
Height 5’11”
Weight 195
Born 12/29/1994

Physically, and at the plate, Okey reminds me of Josh Donaldson. He possesses a thick medium frame with a strong, durable build. His arms are long and muscular while his legs are long, firm and strong. He has broad shoulders, a compact torso, a thick chest and a thin waist. His flexibility is live, loose and agile. Strength gains still remain.

Overall Future Potential (49)  

Present Future
Hitting Ability  40 55
Power  30 45
Fielding 50 55
Range 50 55
Arm Strength 50  50
Arm Accuracy  50 55
Run Speed  40  40
Base Running  50  55
Aggressiveness  55  55
Instincts  55  60


  • Approach: (55) 
    • Stance – Crouched. Feet are even and wide apart. Hands are held right behind head. Bat is held high, flat and waged. High elbow.
    • Load – Body rocks back. Hands move backward.
    • Stride – Short. Slight leg kick.
  • Swing: Strong speed (55) Solid strength (50) Level. Live. Short. Quick.
  • Timing: Strong (55) Strong balance (55) Strong rhythm (55)
  • Instincts: Good leadership (60) Strong zone awareness (55)


  • Arm: Solid strength (50) Solid accuracy (50) Quick release (50) Proper action.
Pop Time 2B 1.98 seconds
Pop Time 3B 1.62 seconds
  • Hands/Fielding: Solid (50) Soft hands. Reliable. Solid durability (50)
  • Footwork: Strong footwork (55) Solid blocking  (50) Quickly pounces on balls.  
  • Body Control: Good agility (60) Strong quickness (55) Strong coordination (55)
  • Pitch Frame: Good (60) Strong receiver (55) Quiet hands.


  • Style: Long stride. Powerful.
  • Times: Decent speed (45) Nice base running (45) 
 H to 1B  4.37 seconds 
 2B to H  7.13 seconds


Defensively, Okey is solid behind the plate. He possesses good footwork on stolen base attempts, which works well with his quick glove-to-hand transfer. He is solid at blocking pitches and consistently gets his body in the right position. On the offensive side, Okey has a live bat and gets nice extension in his swing. He possesses strong bat control and can successfully shorten up with two strikes. Most importantly, he is a leader on the field and takes control of the game.


Defensively, the one area where Okey could use some improvement is blocking pitches on the left side of the plate. He gets his body down quickly but, at times, leaves his right side a little open; allowing balls to trickle to the first base side. Offensively, Okey will strike out. During the 2015 college season, he struck out just under 21 percent of the time. Okey also possesses slightly below average speed.


“Young, durable, catcher with an ideal build for the position. He is solid defensively and possesses strong hitting ability with nice power potential. His quiet, sure, hands make him a strong receiver behind the plate, and he displays good gap-to-gap power. Regular, everyday type. Solid contributor.”