Scouting Report: Ryan Boldt (Nebraska)

Physical Description 

Position OF
Bats/Throws L/R
Height 6’2”
Weight 212
Born 11/22/1994

Boldt possesses a tall, large, frame with a lean, athletic, build. His arms are long and thin while his legs are long and strong. He has broad shoulders, a long torso, a thin waist and a flat chest. His flexibility is loose and agile. Strength gains remain.

Overall Future Potential (49)

Present Future
Hitting Ability  40  50
Power  30  40
Fielding  45  50
Range  55  55
Arm Strength  45  45
Arm Accuracy  55  60
Run Speed 60 60
Base Running 50 55
Aggressiveness  50  55
Instincts 55 60


  • Approach: Strong (55) 
    • Stance – Upright with a slight bend. Feet are wide and slightly open. Hands are quiet and held head level. Bat is held high, vertical and slightly waged. High elbow.
    • Load – Body rocks back. Hands move straight back. Efficient.
    • Stride – Short. Closes. Foot stays near ground.
  • Swing: Solid speed (50) Nice strength (45) Downward plane. Keeps hands back.
  • Timing: Strong (55) Good balance (60) Strong rhythm (55)
  • Instincts: Solid base runner (50) Strong zone awareness (55)


  • Arm: Proper action. Nice strength (45) Strong accuracy (55)
  • Hands/Fielding: Solid (50) Soft. Smooth fielder.
  • Jumps/Routes: Strong jumps (55) Solid closing speed (50)
  • Body Control: Solid agility (50) Strong quickness (55) Great coordination (65)


  • Style: Long. Graceful. Stays lows. Quick first step.
  • Times: Strong speed (55) Nice base running (45)
H to 1B 4.12 seconds
2B to H 6.45 seconds
1B to 2B (SB) 3.61 seconds


Defensively, Boldt is a strong outfielder who can makes the difficult plays look easy. He takes efficient routes in the outfield and possesses solid closing speed. On the offensive side, Boldt possesses good bat control. He makes consistent contact and can hit the ball to all fields. He also has a strong awareness of the strike zone.


Defensively, Boldt possesses slightly below average arm strength. Despite his solid hands, his fielding skills could use some improvement. On the offensive side, Boldt currently possesses poor in-game power. While he makes regular contact, he struggles at driving the ball into the gap.


“Young, athletic, center fielder with good bat control. He is a strong defender who shows maturity on the offensive side with his strong awareness of the strike zone, ability to work the count and confidence hitting with two strikes. He sprays the ball to all fields and can run down balls in the gap with his solid closing speed. Fourth outfielder, utility type, defensive specialist.”