Scouting Report: Tres Barrera (UT Austin)

Physical Description

Position Catcher
Bats/Throws R/R
Height 6’0”
Weight 211
Born 09/15/1994

Barrera possesses a large, medium, frame. His body is solid and he has a strong lower half. His legs are strong and thick, while his arms are long and slightly defined. He has slightly sloped shoulders, a thick chest and a compact torso. His flexibility is loose and agile. He has decent growth potential with room for added development.

Overall Future Potential (47)

Present Future
Hitting Ability 35 45
Power 45 50
Fielding 40 50
Range 45 55
Arm Strength 45 45
Arm Accuracy 50 55
Run Speed 45 45
Base Running 45 50
Aggressiveness 45 55
Instincts 50 65


  • Approach: Strong (55) 
    • Stance – Upright with a slight bend. Feet are wide apart and even. Hands held near head. High elbow. Bat is waged, held high and flat.
    • Load – Rocks back. Hands start near head and slightly move back.
    • Stride – High kick. Short stride.
  • Swing: Solid speed (50) Good strength (60) Uppercut. Long. Powerful.
  • Timing: Solid rhythm (50) Nice balance (45) Smooth. Easy.
  • Instincts: Solid leadership (50) Good situation awareness (60) Nice base runner (45) 


  • Arm: Decent strength (45) Good accuracy (60) Proper action. Nice release (45)
Pop Time 2B 2.03 seconds
  • Hands/Fielding: Fair receiver (40) Soft. Playable.
  • Footwork: Solid (50) Quick. Proper. Consistent.
  • Body Control: Solid agility (50) Nice quickness (45) Solid coordination (50) 
  • Pitch Frame: Solid (50) Quiet hands. Efficient.


  • Style: Long. Powerful. Better 1st to 3rd.  
  • Times: Decent speed (45) Decent base running (45) 
H to 1B 4.38 seconds
1B to 3B 7.62 seconds


Defensively, he handles pitchers well. He is a solid framer who receives the ball with soft hands. His footwork is strong behind the plate, allowing him to possess solid accuracy on throws to second base. Offensively, he has great raw power and consistently hits the ball hard. He has quick hands and can drive the ball to all fields.


Defensively, he has slightly below average arm strength and needs some improvement when framing higher pitches. Offensively, he rarely gets all the way around on his back foot during his swing. His high leg kick could also lead to timing problems.


“Young, strong, catcher with ideal build for position. He is solid defensively with tremendous power. Consistently hits the ball hard and handles pitchers well. Back up at Major League level, but bat may lead to more prominent role at a different position.”



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