“No player ever steps into the same batters box twice. For it is not the same batters box, and the player is not the same player.”


My life experiences have shaped the way I perceive the game of baseball and my approach to player evaluation. In my opinion, no player is the same player from one day to the next and no player can be truly evaluated without being “experienced” in person. I am a believer in the inherent connection between the observer and what is observed. Therefore, I believe it is of utmost importance to see a player in person as many times as possible; whether that be at the amateur or professional level. There are certain variables in a baseball game that cannot be consciously externalized, and are thus unable to be put into a mathematical equation. But these variables do exist, and can only be experienced through in-person evaluation.  

Life Goals:

1) Scout and develop the game of baseball around the world.

2) Provide excellent care for my youngest brother who has severe cerebral palsy. 


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